Buying a used van? Let us guide you through it!

You can get great value for money by buying a Used Van. However, there are a number of pitfalls that you should be aware of and try to avoid. You don't want to end up with a heap of junk, no matter how cheap it was! When buying a used van, make sure you're satisfied with it before buying. Remember to keep in mind certain important considerations before you purchase.

  • What type of van do I need to suit my business/personal requirements? This will influence the make, model and specifications.
  • What is the standard of the used van? Does it have modern features, such as power steering, 4-wheel drive, air conditioning, etc? Inspect the van thoroughly, keeping in mind your requirements.
  • Never buy a used van without first test-driving it. First, check the mileage and the tyres. When driving, test the breaks, gears, engine and ignition. A thorough test drive will give you a true indication of the van's condition. If you're unsure of anything, have a garage run a check on the vehicle.
  • Have a careful look at the used van's paperwork. Check the vehicle identification number and the vehicle's repair and service history.

The price you will pay for a used van will depend on a variety of factors. The price of a used van will be dictated by the make and model of the van; its size; its condition; its vehicle repair history; and its mileage. It also depends on your budget too, of course! Before setting out to buy a van, you should decide on your budget. Don't forget to include the running costs and associated costs when doing your calculations, such as insurance, tax, fuel, etc. Insurance for a van is generally more expensive than for a car.

  The key to buying a used van is to balance price and quality, while bearing in mind your own requirements.

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