If you're buying a car this checklist will make things a lot easier

Are you planning on buying a car in the immediate future? Whether you're buying used or new there are a few things that you should always keep in mind to make absolutely certain that you're getting the best value for money, while also ensuring that you are protected when it comes to your purchase. So before buying a car, read this checklist to make sure you've got everything covered.

Things to look out for

Whether buying new or used, we recommend you keep a close eye on all the following things to make sure you're getting exactly what you're paying for.

What you don't want

You'll already know exactly what you do want from your new car, but have you given reasonable consideration to the things you don't want? We're not talking about things like body coloured bumpers here... we're talking about buying a car that has had its clock altered, been stolen or even been written off in the past!

Things to look out for

Make sure you are buying from the registered keeper listed in the VC5 form. If the VC5 lists a name other than the seller, you need to be on your guard for a potential rip-off.

You also need to take a close look at the service history of the car. Where possible, contact the dealers who carried out the work to ensure that the recorded listings are accurate.

Car Data Check

If you have decided that a car seems right for you, then it's time to carry out a Car Data Check. There are a number of websites that offer this function, including theaa.com.

Usually, it will cost you between £5-15 per car check, but it could be worth every penny as it will give you all the information about money owed on its purchase, previous owners, license plate transfers and much more. Before committing to buying a car, this checklist feature is always the most important for our money.

Any final tips?

Just one, and it's something that most people buying a car leave off their checklist... that of course is making sure that you're insured to test drive the car in question. It's usually the furthest thing from people's minds as they search for a new motor, but it's absolutely essential you know you're covered either on your own insurance or that of the dealership you're buying from before you turn the key! It might save you a fortune.

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