Buying new Ford Mondeo alloy wheel set

Sure, a set of new Ford Mondeo alloy wheel sets will give you the fresh new look you’ve been desiring for your car; but you know your budget is limited. Even if it is not, to make sure you get your money’s worth, we suggest you do the following:

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

Pick up the telephone directory or the Yellow Pages and call up a few retailers of alloy wheels for Ford cars. The Yellow Pages is now available online to make the search even easier (and cheaper). On the Internet, a host of websites exist that will enable you to not only compare prices, but to also view Ford alloy wheels and even place an order. The sites below are worth looking up:

  • Fordpartsuk.com
  • Fordonlineparts.co.uk
  • Wheels.uk.com
  • Wheelbasealloys.com

Do the Walking

No matter which part of the UK you live in, there is always a vehicle parts dealer near you stocking Ford Mondeo alloys. If you really need to see to believe, simply take a walk (or drive) to your nearest outlet and check out what they have to offer. You can even check two or three more dealers out before committing yourself to any one.


Prices range from £60 to £300 per wheel depending on the size and design of the wheel. The racier and generally the more spokes they have, the more expensive they are. When shopping around, you may even be lucky enough to get your Ford Mondeo alloy wheel set at a discounted price.

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