Camper limited edition: new models

First on the list of camper limited edition: new models for 2012 is the celebrated car maker, Volkswagen, a brand that is synonymous with precision and reliability. VW is a name that can't be beaten when it comes to camper cars from its legendary Transporter to the newest van in its line.

Remember when the VW's California was launched in 2003? Since then, the company has released the California Beach. This year, you can choose between California, California Berghaus and California Beach. All 3 models from the California line feature pop up, roof tents. VW UK lists retail prices for the California in the range of £42,025 inclusive of taxes and £34,980 for the Beach model. The Berghaus costs £47,995.

As a preview, the Berghaus Camper Van boasts of a 2.0 litre BiTDI 180 PS engine. It made its debut in 2011 at an Outdoors Show. Initially, there were just 80 vehicles manufactured. This year promises better things with its six-speed manual transmission, a vehicle that can take you anywhere from cities to mountains. It has fold-down and swivel seats, dinette table, chairs, fitted kitchen with a sink, a fridge and even 2 burners that work on gas. It is capable of carrying 30 litres of fresh water. And, if you are thinking of environmental waste, fret no more as it even has a 30-litre waste tank.

Mercedes Benz has also its own travel vans. The Viano Marco Polo is Mercedes Benz's answer to outdoor life and escapades. You can choose from 2.0 to 2.2 CDI 4-cylinder models or the V6 3.0CDI. Featuring comfy seats and extra leg room, the Viano makes those long journeys enjoyable.

And, if the above models are not good enough for your needs, you can also think of conversion. Converted campers or motor homes built on chassis cabs provided by Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Peugeot are perfect solutions for vacations and outdoor adventures. These can cost from £43,995 to £61,495 depending on the berthing capacities, trimmings, furnishings and customization you want integrated in your camper vans. Rest assured, the engines are from trusted and renowned manufacturers of vehicles.

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