How to choose the right motorhomes and campervans for hire

Using a campervan is often the cheapest way to tour the country and it can also be the best way because you're not anchored to one point. Campervans for hire don't have to be expensive but you should do your research before hiring a campervan for your UK road trip.

Campervan hire for Europe

Enjoying the UK in a campervan is a great idea because you’ll save on hotel accommodation and you’ll have a regular bed to sleep in during a long tour of the country, but a campervan really comes into its own when you take it to the continent. Finding comfortable campervans for hire is the first thing to do before you plan your trip. You might consider a motorhome as they’re generally more comfortable than campervans, but you’ll have to pay more for one and unless you’re travelling with a large family and need the additional space, a campervan is the way to go.

Free camping in Europe

Your European tour doesn’t have to be expensive if you free camp. The expression suggests that you can sling up a tent and sleep for the night in some of these spots, but that’s not the case. Free camping just means parking your campervan in a beach car park for the night rather than paying campsite fees. This is far easier during the low season, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble if you park sensibly and you clean up after yourself during the summer months. To make the most of free camping, your campervan really must have a wash room with a toilet and a simple shower.

Hiring rather than buying

Taking different campervans for hire rather than buying one makes sense as you might find the experience isn't for you. Hiring allows you to try out different types of campervans and motorhomes before you commit to buying one. Ultimately you may find that hiring a campervan makes more sense than buying one.

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