Can sausage rolls be the answer to fuel crisis?

Biofuel is by law already in use in all UK vehicles. Petrol retailers currently mix 3.25 percent into their fuel, a figure set to rise to 5 percent by 2013. Most biofuel is made from wheat and sugar cane, though there are some wacky new ingredients being used by some companies.

Thomson Airways will become the first airline to fly its passengers using only biofuel – made from cooking oil. But the first biofuel powered commercial flight took off in 2008 – a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Amsterdam that used a biofuel mix of coconut and babassu oil.

Petrol supplier Greenergy is to make biofuel from high fat solid fuels. Pies, pastries, crisps - even sausage rolls - that are not fit for consumption, either because they are misshapen, overcooked or past their sell by date, could soon end up powering your vehicle.

Sounds like a solution to our natural resource crisis is nigh. But biofuel is typically more expensive than conventional fuel, and many products have been used only because of generous government subsidies under the Renewables Obligation Certificate scheme, or because of the current stipulations in UK law.

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