Captive audience

Filling up a car is a lot more expensive if you go to a motorway service station, and when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat, you're liable to be hit hard.

Consumer champion Which? Has investigated motorway service stations, and found that forecourts regularly charged on average 6p more for unleaded petrol, and 7p extra on diesel compared to petrol stations not on the motorway.

Its report also highlighted the cost of basic items such as a bottle of water, which ranged from 79p to £1.99. Meanwhile a snack of a cheese sandwich, coffee and water varied from £4.74 at the Moto stop at Thurrock on the M25 to £7.68 at the Killington Lake stop on the M6 in Cumbria.

Executive director of Which? Richard Lloyd said: 'One in two families have decided to holiday in Britain this summer, but they’ll need to watch out for pumped up prices at motorway service stations. Not only are petrol and basic necessities like water more expensive, they’ll even be charged to take their own money out at a cash point.'

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