How to Spot Car Alternator Problems: the Symptoms

In order for your car to run smoothly, you need to pay continual attention to how it is performing. To ensure you do not encounter any serious problems with the electrics in your vehicle, you need to be aware of various car alternator problems and symptoms that can arise at any time.

Main Symptoms of Alternator Problems

The alternator performs a very important role in the performance of AC current in vehicles. It recharges the battery while the car is in motion in order for you to have a sufficient power to start the vehicle the next time you go for a drive. We will run through the most typical car alternator problems and the symptoms these problems display.

Many of these symptoms are related to battery problems so you need to be careful in order to correctly diagnose a problem as an alternator problem. The battery is reliant on the alternator to retain a full charge and if your battery is regularly struggling and even letting you down on occassion, then this could mean that the alternator is not providing enough power to keep it charged.

Another symptom that could prove telling is a screeching noise from your engine. If you can narrow down this noise to coming from the alternator then you have a problem and some of the parts inside the alternator are starting to move. This symptom is a strong predictor of your alternator failing in the near future.

A symptom you can usually notice quite easily is a variation in the light from your headlights. If your headlights get brighter when you accelerate, then chances are that the alternator is not providing enough power to the electrical system. If the level of light from the headlights remains the same then your alternator is functioning properly.

What to do with a Faulty Alternator

If you notice any car alternator problems with these symptoms in your vehicle then you need to deal with the issue before your alternator completely packs in and leaves you in trouble when you need your car most. It is best to take the car to your local mechanic and have them replace the alternator as soon as possible.

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