Car auctions in the UK in 2015

Buying a car from an auction can mean bringing home a prized classic from a European prestige brand or it could simply be about bagging a bargain on a standard, no frills family car. We’ll give you an idea of the best car auctions in the UK in 2015 for both classic and everyday cars.
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Coys are the people to buy from if you’re interested in classics. Their auctions have a great reputation as they’ve been known to shift some impressive machinery. If you’re after something rare and special, why not head to one of their auctions on the following dates?

  • 10th March 2015 - "Spring Classics", Royal Horticultural Society, Lindley Hall, London
  • 18th April 2015 - "Techno Classica", Essen, Germany
  • 16th May 2015 - Ascot Racecourse, Ascot
  • June 2015 - Athena Auction, Athens, Greece
  • 11th July 2015- Blenheim Palace, Woodstock
  • August 2015- "43 Oldtimer Grand Prix", Nurburgring, Germany
  • 10th October 2015 - Ascot Racecourse, Ascot
  • 1st December 2015 - "True Greats", Royal Horticultural Society, Lindley Hall, London

British Car Auctions

British Car Auctions is Europe’s largest car auctioneers. They’ve been around since 1946 so you can be assured that they’re a reputable firm and the best thing about them is that they sell on all sorts of cars and motorbikes. They run auctions all across the country at locations including car dealerships and their own centres. They also regularly carry out online auctions so you can save cash on your next car without leaving the house. As they run so many auctions, there’s no space to list all of them, so if you’re interested in buying a car through BCA, head to their official site at british-car-auctions.co.uk.

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