Car brands that no longer exist in the UK

Sadly everything has a shelf life. That statement’s particularly true of brands as major motor manufacturers tend to remove them from the market when they’re not performing well. Other brands disappear through poor management decisions that bring the company to its knees, which is true for the first car brand we’ve look into.


The DeLorean story has been told and retold. This isn’t a story of a failure through bad luck or poor management, this company went down due to scandal. Granted, DeLorean produced the wonderful looking but painfully odd DMC-12 shown in our lead image but they did so after taking government money, and after over promising and under performing greatly.


The Rover story is a sad one because at one time this brand was a well-established and much heralded name in the car industry. The brand has been traded between major firms like Ford, BMW and the Tata Group over the years and with every trade more lustre ebbed away from it. Today, the brand is officially dormant. Our bet is that if it ever makes an appearance in the UK again, the nameplate will adorn low-end cars like those produced by the third brand on our list.


The Datsun brand was big in the UK for a period. The cars they sold were inexpensive but popular models but the name disappeared when parent firm Nissan had a rethink about how its brands were positioned in the marketplace. There haven’t been any new models sold in the UK since the 1980s, although the creation of the Datsun Go which is sold in Indonesia, Russia, India and South Africa, could herald a return for the brand in major European markets before too long. If they do come back to the UK, the brand will be positioned to compete with the cheapest cars on the market.

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