Accessories from car breakers in Scotland

Car breakers in Scotland: a great place to source accessories

If you ever find your vehicle in need of accessories, car breakers in Scotland are an excellent source. Car breakers yards are like an Aladdin’s Cave, containing accessories and spare parts instead of jewels!

Car breakers in Scotland will contain engines, gearboxes, drive shafts, cylinder heads, radiators and other mechanical parts, as well as bonnets, doors, bumpers, windscreens and body panels. There will be other accessories available, including headlamps and wing mirrors.

Car Breakers (www.car-breakers.info) allow you to search available vehicles by type of car or country of origin. If the scrap yard has the relevant accessories, they’ll contact you.

Which Scottish car breakers are recommended?

Breakeryard (www.breakeryard.com) provide car parts to Aberdeen and throughout the north east of Scotland. With thousands of parts available, their online warehouse offers fully guaranteed spares. Discounts can save customers up to 80% off dealership prices.

For further information about car parts and accessories, check out the car parts bin.

What about using Scottish car breakers to scrap cars?

If you've decided the time has come to take your own car to the scrapyard, you must take it to car breakers in Scotland who are properly registered to do the job. Compliance with the DVLA and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency is necessary before a car breaker can issue the certificate of destruction (COD). Without a COD, you remain responsible for the car – even after it has been reduced to a metal cube you’d need to complete a SORN application every year!

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