The best car driving test games for free online

The web’s full of car driving test games that are supposed to be fun and partly educational. They aren’t there to prepare you for your driving test but you might learn something from playing them. Even those that contain an element of driver ed in them probably won’t help you get through the UK practical driving test as most of them are aimed at American drivers.

Driving School

Playing car driving test games free online is no substitute for the real thing but some of the games like “Driving School Exam” which can be found on wheelgamer.com and “Driving Test” on car freeonlinegames.com are a lot of fun to play.

Driving School Exam

This is a short game that can be played in your browser. You control the car from a bird’s eye view like the original GTA game, but unlike GTA with this game you drive pretty much in a straight line, avoid cars and then park when you’re told to by the instructor. It’s a simple game that revolves around avoiding other motorists which is an easy task until the speed rises.

Driving Test

The freeonlinegames.com game takes more elements from the driving test than the one found on wheelgamer.com so you’re expecting to reverse your car around a corner, stop when a light is red, parallel park and park into a car parking space. Again the game is played from a top-on view, but each game is shorter as the skills necessary to get you through your test are worked on. You can have fun practicing or go for it and take the test.

CBBC Driving Academy Game

Unlike the other car driving test games looked at here, this is a 3D game. The controls are the same, as the arrow keys are used to accelerate, brake and steer the car. Rather than simulating a road, this game puts you on a track lined with cones. The main point of the CBBC Driving Academy game is to avoid obstacles while staying on the road.

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