Do your bit for the environment, check out this car emission table

Buying a car with lower emissions has always been worthwhile for a number of reasons. You'll be doing your bit for the environment, and you'll also likely save quite a bit of money thanks to their improved fuel economy. However, there's also an added incentive to buy a greener car these days thanks to the new UK Car tax system.

Cars are now taxed based on how much Co2 they churn out. This means ultra green cars that churn out less than 100 g/km of Co2 you won't pay any Car Tax. This is balanced by cars who put out over 255 g/km paying £460 per year. Here is a link to all the details about the current costs per band of emissions - http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/car-buyers-guide/cbg_roadtax.html.

So how do you figure out where your car comes? Well, you use a car emission table to figure it out of course. Car Emission tables break down for you how good each manufacturer is at producing cars based on emissions. You can find a brilliantly helpful league table right here - http://www.whatcar.com/car-news/how-green-are-car-makers-/emissions-league-table/219098. This breaks down the best manufacturers based on their emissions.

The three best manufacturers are Smart, Daihatsu and Fiat, while the three worst are Chrysler, Land Rover and Jeep. So owning one of the worst three will see you having to shell out quite a bit for your car tax. The best current way to avoid paying any car tax is to shell out for a hybrid car like the excellent Toyota Prius.


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