car engine, once its going right then you're motoring!

Car engine trouble is something no one can predict. Women dread it and men tend to assume they know how to fix it but the truth is that there are many things that can go wrong under the bonnet of a car.

When you're thinking of buying a used car, it is vital that you bring a mechanic with you to rule out the possibility that the engine is on its last legs. Even with a professional opinion, it can still be hard to detect engine difficulties without using an actual diagnostics machine.

Indications that all is not well can include black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, using excessive amounts of oil or the temperature gauge rising over the halfway mark.

While engine trouble can be something relatively minor, the possibility that if you ignore it the car will stop and strand you, cannot be overlooked. Know your insurance policy and read the small print. There can be breakdown assist included which means that you will be assured of a tow to an approved garage if the call out mechanic is unable to start the car wherever you break down.

If you suspect that there may be something wrong with your engine, don't leave it until the last minute before you bring it to the mechanic.

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