Car Hire

It can be a nightmare trying to take your car overseas. On top of all the hassle of moving it, there are numerous hidden charges associated with getting it across the pond in the first place. Even worse, you don't want to leave anyone at home without a car. Car hire companies have capitalised on this basic need.

Originally, of course, car hire companies were run by a bunch of cowboys trying to make cash quick with various contractual loopholes to trip you up. But since car hire has grown in demand, stricter rules have come into place and renting a car is now as safe as houses. One of the best car hire companies (and the first) to pave the way for this great service is Avis.

One of the UK's best loved and most trusted companies on the internet, Avis will sort you out with a great deal on a rental car for your trip abroad. Simply hit their web page page, throw in the relevant details and click the 'book now' button. First off they'll provide you with a quote so you don't have to commit to anything until you're sure. They also offer numerous promotions as well as handy hints on saving a few bucks. Have a good look around the website and try to cut yourself the best deal. There are plenty of car hire websites online, but Avis is the best we've come across.

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