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Car hire cars are more in demand than ever before. The reasons for this are unclear but could be due to the fact that less cars are being bought from brand new and that leads to more frequent trips to overworked mechanics and garages that are ill equipped to deal with the increased load.

Your car breaking down can be stressful enough without trying to manage for an unspecified amount of time without it. Its only when your car is in the garage that you realise quite how much you depend on it. You might be lucky and the garage may loan you a car while yours is being repaired but that is not always the case. This is where knowing about car hire can come in very useful.

Car hire companies can be located in the business section of your local phone book or even online. Major airports always have a car hire desk and helpful staff to advise you. The price will vary from each company and be dependant on the size of the car you choose to hire.

The cars range from economy models, with small engines, right up to people carriers and SUVs. Generally the car will have a full tank of petrol when you receive it and its written into the contract that it must be returned the same way.

While some countries, such as Ireland, allow drivers on the road while only holding a provisional licence, car hire companies usually insist that the driver hold a full licence and they will ask to see it so bring it with you when you make your enquiries.


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