car hire engine trouble can leave you stranded!

Car hire means the engine should be fine right? In theory the answer is a resounding yes but the reality is more of a grey area. Car hire agreements need to be read over very carefully before you commit yourself to anything.

The best case scenario is that you have a breakdown assist clause in your personal car insurance policy which will be applicable to anything you drive as long as you transfer your insurance on to it.

It's not an unreasonable assumption that if you are paying good money to hire a car, then you receive it in perfect mechanical order and you don't need to worry about possible engine trouble. From the car hire companies perspective however, cars can be unpredictable and, unless stated otherwise in the agreement, they regard you as responsible for the vehicle while it's in your possession.

Once the car has left the company in good working order then it will be hard for you to convince them that sudden engine trouble is their problem. The key to safe car hire is the knowledge your insurance is in place to cover all eventualities and that, in the event of any engine trouble, you are covered and can be towed to a reputable garage and given a replacement vehicle if necessary so that you can complete your journey.

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