Car hire in Scarborough Yorkshire

One of the best companies for car hire in Scarborough Yorkshire is gillbradley.co.uk. Gill Bradley Vehicle Hire Limited was established 30 years ago and has established a reputation as being one of the most trusted vehicle rental companies in the area. They have a wide range of cars available, including minibuses and van hire.

They have a very useful search feature on their site, in which you can include the type of vehicle you want, the date of collection and the date you will be returning the vehicle. This will lead you to a list of vehicles that are available and the price quoted for the duration you will have the vehicle.

With this company you must be at least 21 years old, with a full driving licence to rent out a car or van. Vehicles may be taken abroad with prior approval by the company, at a mileage of 200 miles per day. Additional miles will be charged at 8p per mile.

To hire a 05 Ford Focus for two weeks will cost £335.40, with a deposit of £100. You can also pay by the day at a rate of £22.36 each day. Alternatively hiring a Ford Transit van for two weeks will cost £335.22, or a rate of £26.09 per day.

So if you are looking for a vehicle to hire in the Scarborough area, visit gillbradley.co.uk today. They have a wide selection of cars, vans and minibuses available at very competitive rates.




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