Car industry makes a U-turn

For so long the world car market has suffered thanks to the Global recession. As most countries, including the UK, have now made a 0.1% leap out of the recession, the car industry across Europe appears to have done the same.

According to figures from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), government car scrappage scheme (trade in used cars for new ones) have worked with a total of a whopping 1,000,754 new motors brought on to market in 28 European countries.

It was all rosy until the fall in all the European markets though. Germany were the hardest hit who saw their new cars-sold drop by 30% in the month of February, but who cares as us Brits managed to increase our sales by more than a quarter at 26.4%. Altogether now...‘A BETTER CAR INDUSTRY AND ONE WORLD CUP DO DAH, DO DAH...’.

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