Choose the right car mats

There are some things that can add a real touch of class to your vehicle and car mats are one of these. Adding some nice tailored car mats to the floor of your car even adds to the resale value. We point you towards retailers in the UK that sell high quality car mats.

Quality Mats at Affordable Prices

Halfords stock a wide array of car mats and they vary in quality to meet all budgets. You can search for tailored car mats by entering your car registration or alternatively by searching for your car by make, model, year and type. The car mats come in sets of four and are manufactured to a high standard.

Many are made from heavy polyamide carpet which is 12mm thick and quite dense. This reduces road noise which comes through the floor of your car. As usual with Halfords, if you order online you will get a better than deal than when you roll up to the store and buy in person.

Car Mats UK stock a huge range of quality car mats and they sweeten the deal on any order by including free delivery. Car Mats have 4 types of car mats, the most popular of which is their standard mat made from blended nylon and polyurethane. They also offer luxury mats made from needlefelt that is designed to be more hard wearing. Their exclusive mats are aimed at top of the range executive vehicles and there is also a hard wearning rubber mat option available.

On their website you can choose once again by car model and year to get back a list of tailor made mats measured to fit your cars floor space perfectly. Car Mats UK offer more options in terms of colour than Halfords and you can pick from 6 colours as well as choosing from 12 blended colours on the mat trim.

Car Mats for Every Price Range

Both Halfords and Car Mats UK can meet whatever needs you have for car mats. You can order them from the comfort of your own home, confident that the mats will be made to measure. Expect to pay in and around £15-£25 for entry level mats and about £40-£50 for a set of top quality mats. There are, of course, also a variety of mats in between those two levels.

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