The best places to get car parts in Ireland

Are you a motorist in Ireland looking to pick up some new parts for your car? You may have heard horror stories about how expensive car parts can be in Ireland, but this only applies to people who are looking in the wrong places. It is perfectly possible to get a great deal on car parts in Ireland, and in this blog we are going to show you how you can go about doing it.

A fantastic first port of call for you on your search for reasonably priced parts in Ireland should be Mick's Garage, and his unbelievable array of parts at www.micksgarage.ie/. Mick's Garage is by far the largest provider of auto parts on the island of Ireland with over 900,000 products available either in stock, or to order. Mick's Garage offers brilliant deals on combining parts and service, and they are a fantastic site to check out to get the best deal possible on car parts.

If you are looking to compare prices on parts, then a brilliant place to do it is on Car Parts Ireland at www.carpartsireland.com/. This company is based in both Dublin City and and Galway, so it is conveniently located for a lot of the Irish population. They claim to be able to source any part for any car, old or new, and their prices are fantastic.

A final site we think you should check out is www.irishautoparts.ie/. Irish auto Parts are a huge resource for finding Clutch Kits, Brake Pads, Batteries, Booster Packs, Wind Deflectors, Timing Belt Kits, Brake Calipers, Seat Covers, Water Pumps, Roof Bars, and Roof Boxes, and they claim to offer Ireland's best prices on all of the above.

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