Car problems: water in petrol

Car problems due to water in petrol can happen to even the most careful motorist. When water gets in the fuel line system, you are in for a rough time. The engine will canker, sputter and eventually stall. If you continue to run it, you might damage the fuel injection system which will be a bigger headache than asking a towing service to bring it to the nearest garage.

Explaining the phenomenon

There are several explanations as to how water can get in your petrol. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is you will get car problems if water is in your petrol unless you detect the problem immediately.

Here are possible ways water can get mixed up with petrol:

  • - Substandard sealing caps
  • - Damaged vents
  • - Tank leaks
  • - Condensation
  • - Contaminated fuel

To prevent the above from happening, make it a point to do a routine inspection of your sealing caps to ensure they are not cracked. Check vents regularly to make sure there is no corrosion that can contribute to cracks.

For tank leaks, do a pressure test to make sure there is no hole on the fuel tank that allows water to enter. With regard to condensation, there is not much that can be done as it will always happen. Condensation will always occur especially during summer and in areas where the humidity is high.

Lastly, although it is not a common occurrence, petrol contamination can happen. If you suspect fuel contamination, take your car to the nearest garage. The mechanic will do a routine check using a water finding paste to make sure water has not settled at the bottom of the tank.

The real fix

When there is water present in the petrol, the garage mechanic will remove the water by draining all the fuel in the tank. In addition, the fuel lines will be purged with fresh fuel to make sure no water residues remain. The fuel filter will also be replaced. Whatever happens, car problems due to water in the petrol are nuisances. Hence, following simple steps can prevent it from happening although there are causes which are beyond your control.

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