Where to find the best car reviews on the web

There is so much choice with the internet that it’s often difficult to know where to start when looking for car reviews. In order to make an informed decision on which car to buy next you need to be able to trust the website providing the review, so where better to look than websites that have originated from long standing car magazines?

What Car?

What Car? publish car reviews on their website, whatcar.co.uk. To give a balanced review, each review contains a paragraph for the car and another against it. This is followed by a conclusion that is honest and impartial. The page also contains a reader review star rating. Between one and five stars can be awarded overall and the same scale is used to rate the car in different categories like performance, ride and handling and space and practicality. The review also provides the car’s specifications and allows you to compare it side by side with its rivals.

Top Gear

When Top Gear is mentioned people who have seen the TV show will often think of the three presenters larking around and destroying cars, so perhaps they wouldn’t think to use topgear.co.uk for car reviews. The site is more like the magazine than the TV show as it provides buyers with a guide to the vehicle, images of it on the road and full specifications. You can also read road tests that put you in the driver’s seat and give you an understanding of what the car would be like to live with.


Autoexpress magazine has been reviewing cars since 1988. Although the website has only been in operation since 2003, it is considered an authority on all motoring matters. Their reviews begin with a star rating and a short list of points for and against the vehicle. The remainder of the article is an in-depth look at the car with a paragraph on its styling, its interior, its running cost and its performance. The articles conclude with a paragraph on its reliability and build quality. The reviews contain a video which is provided sister publication CarBuyer.co.uk.

Final Word

Buying a car is a big purchase. Other than buying a house, it's often the largest single purchase any of us make. For this reason, we like to make sure we get it right, so reading car reviews prior to testing a car makes a lot of sense. Although reading a review from a trusted source makes the most sense, you should make sure you read at least three reviews on the same car, to get a balanced opinion.

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