The car sales websites worth visiting

The internet is a useful tool for anyone looking to buy a car. But it can be a bewildering place to navigate as there are lots of different types of car sales websites. They range from sites listing adverts from private sellers to businesses that only sell cars online. The internet also contains adverts for showroom stock sold by franchised dealers, used car centres and car supermarkets.

Today there is so much choice when buying a car because you aren’t limited to visiting used car garages or dealerships in your area. Car sales websites like autotrader.co.uk and exchangeandmart.co.uk list cars from private sellers across the country and if you are willing to travel, you could find a better deal. If you are selling or buying a specialist car, websites like pistonheads.com offer classified listings as well as buying advice that's tailored to sports cars and prestige brands.

Car Supermarkets

Car supermarkets like Cargiant and The Trade Centre Wales use the web to attract customers to their showrooms. Cargiant list all their cars and provide images and information. Buyers can use the website to enquire about a car but they have to visit Cargiant's showroom in London to place a security deposit. The Trade Centre go one stage further by allowing buyers to contact them through an enquiry form.

Internet Only Car Retailers

Companies like Autobytel offer great discounts because they only trade online so don’t have the overheads that traditional dealers and car supermarkets have to account for. The service is pretty straight forward. You can either search autobytel.co.uk to find the right car for you or fill out an enquiry form and let a salesman do the research. Once you’ve found your next car, all you have to do is discuss your personal requirements like financing and part exchange and then wait for delivery.

Final Word

Car sales websites can mean anything from a site dedicated to private car adverts to a website that is a company's only means of selling cars. But no matter which type of car sales site you use, significant savings can be made if you buy a car through the net.

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