Car tax to be scraped?

There’s no getting away from it, UK roads have to be maintained. If they’re not then our roads will be a mass of pot holes and undrivable routes. Of course this means someone has to pay for it and since time began Brits have opted for the car tax system – pay an annual fee no mater how much or little you use the roads.

Our neighbours on the continent tend to opt for the pay as you use system through a toll, which according to a new Thinktank is the fairest way to do it, which has created speculation that it may come to the UK. Social Market Foundation (SMF) say that the drivers should pay 10p per mile on motorways and A roads with added bonus that the surplus money made through tolls will be paid to the drivers who use the road the most.

Ian Mulheirn of SMF said: ‘Transport infrastructure is creaking under the pressure of more and more cars. Over the next decade there will be no money to build new roads and public transport cannot make a significant difference to capacity.’

There’s no arguing that it’s a nice idea plus foreigners who don’t pay car tax will contribute to maintaining our roads.

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