Be Prepared for Everything with the Right Car Toolbox Essentials

We've all had those occasions where we have been let down by our car and it is not a pleasant experience. Some problems, however, may not require a call to your insurer to send a mechanic and you can get yourself back on the road with the correct car toolbox essentials.

Basic Tools to Cover Most Minor Problems

Every car should have a car jack and a wheel brace at the very least in case of a puncture so if your car is missing these then you need to buy some ASAP. So what else do you need to compile the basic car toolbox essentials?

For starters, you must have a couple of screwdrivers, one Phillips and one flathead. Next, a set of pliers is another must as it is useful for a number of possible issues. A socket set will always come in very useful for your car as there a range of things both inside your car and under the bonnet that require a socket to remove them. An adjustable wrench and a vice grip are also essential tools for those tough to remove things.

If you really want to be prepared for all eventualities or if you drive an older vehicle that has a history of not starting then it really is advised that you bring along either a set of jumper cables or a booster pack if you will be on the road when there are not many other road users about. The booster pack allows you to jump your car without needing to find a good samaritan and their car to help jump start you.

Cheats Essential Toolbox

If you are not prepared to invest in a range of tools then there are a couple of things you can do to make sure you still have most of the car toolbox essentials above. A good quality multitool will include two screwdrivers, a pliers and other handy tools all in one. Some socket and wrench sizes are more common on cars so carrying 10mm and 13mm sockets can go a long way to covering most of your socket needs.

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