We find the best places to buy car tyres in Cardiff

Keeping your car's tyres up to scratch is an often overlooked task that many motorists simply ignore or forget about until they are left with no choice but to buy new tyres. This isn't ideal, given the fact that the performance of your vehicle is greatly dependent on the quality and condition of the tyres you are currently using.

It's unfortunate that so many people see something as important as car tyres as little more than an irritant, and give them literally no thought until they have gotten so bad that they have no alternative but to have them replaced. Even then, when they are replacing them, too many people will automatically go for the cheapest option available rather than weighing up the pros and cons of the countless tyres available, or asking for advice at their local tyre fitter.

For those of you looking to buy car tyres in Cardiff, we recommend you contact any of the businesses in the list below and have a chat with one of their mechanics about the benefits of buying better tyres. Even if your tyres aren't due a change, it's no harm in popping in and having a mechanic give them a once over. He'll be able to give you some great advice about your next purchase, as well as making some suggestions regarding the setup of your wheel alignment.

So without further ado, we give you our list of recommended tyre retailers and mechanics in the Cardiff area:

A&A Tyres Whittle Road, Cardiff CF11 8AT Phone: 02920 371 808

A&A Tyres Maef-Y-Ffynon Lane, Aberdare, CF44 6EJ Phone: 01685 876 017

Kwik Fit 447 Newport Road, Cardiff CF24 1RP Phone: 02920 487 188

Kwik Fit 113-115 North Road, Cardiff CF14 3AD Phone: 02920 620 022

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