Car tyres Limerick - more choice than you realise!

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Car tyres Limerick can be found online. As many garages now have their own websites, you can browse through the available tyres in your area without even having to leave the house. One advantage to online shopping is that it can save you time and money. Gone are the days of trawling through garages that aren't stocking the tyre you're searching for. Websites also display the prices of the items on offer so you can find whatever is the best deal for your pocket.

Limerick-tyre-centre.com is a good starting point when it comes to sourcing tyres in this locality. All leading brands, such as Goodyear and Michelin, are stocked and they offer computerised wheel alignment and a professional balancing service.

Advancepitstop.com will tell you that they have 2 branches in Limerick and exactly where they're located along with phone numbers, a contact name and opening hours. Advance Pit Stop stock a comprehensive range of tyres and they have them categorised into segments such as Premium, Quality and Economy. This means that there will be tyres to match your budget. Pirelli, Semperit and Bridgestone are familiar names that you can buy here.

Cralgerie.com features A&J tyres which is a service that operates within Limerick that combines both car maintenance and tyre services. This company works in conjunction with ASC safety consultancy and is sensitive to environmental needs.

Another option is to visit goldenpages.ie and input Tyres into the search engine and Limerick as the destination. This returns over 50 results of garages all stocking tyres and gives exact locations and phone numbers.

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