Car Window Freezing Prevention

With the colder months looming, car window freezing prevention can cut hours of steaming hot water down your window screen and deforesting your car before work. Although there isn't an entirely fool proof method of keeping your windows from freezing over night, these tips should help keep the frost at bay the majority of the time.

Blanket of the Car

One of the cheapest, albeit strange methods of car window freezing prevention, is to toss a blanket over your car. To do this, find a blanket that can at least cover the front and back of your car, and some of the side windows. Open the passenger and driver door slightly, placing the corner of the blanket inside and slam the doors to keep the blanket in place.

Gardener's use this method to keep frost off their tomatoes in the winter and although a car is slightly bigger, it does help reduce frosting overnight.

Cardboard and Paper

If you don't have a blanket big enough for the first method, take a long piece of cardboard or thick paper and place it on the front windscreen. Move the wipers into the up position, place the cardboard or paper down, and put the wipers back to secure the cardboard. This should help prevent frost build up on the front screen and, instead, the frost is more likely to freeze over the cardboard and not your windscreen.

Alcohol Rub

This method is particularly useful for keeping frost at bay in the daytime. Take a cloth and rub alcohol on the inside and outside of your windscreen, careful not to smear the window beyond visibility.

De-Icer Products

If you have a particularly older model or simply own a frost-prone car where none of the above methods work, purchase a common de-icer product from Halfords or your local garage. The chemicals in de-icers help car window freezing prevention in the same way alcohol rub does, but is particularly design for cars and stronger frost prevention. Spray this compound onto your screen before you lock your car up for the night, or use during the day if you plan to leave you car for a long time.

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