Top tips for car window tinting in the UK

Whether you are fitting car window tint for a stylish new look, for security purposes or simply to stop people peeking into your car, you want the tinting job done well. Here’s what you should know about car window tinting in the UK and how to ensure you get real value for your money.

Legal requirements

There are legal requirements that you must keep in mind when fitting car window tint in the UK. For example, at least 70% light must pass through the driver’s side windows and at least 75% light through the windscreen when you tint. Make sure you comply with all the rules governing car window tinting UK. Visit the government’s official vehicle window tinting web page to find out more at www.gov.uk/tinted-vehicle-window-rules.

Cost considerations

The cost of tinting car windows varies dramatically from one tinting shop to another. Cheap “mobile” tint shops charge anything from £100, while “executive” tint shops charge from £400 going up. Several factors come into play when determining what a reasonable price for a tinting service is, including:

  • Type of car

Different car types present different levels of tinting difficulty. If your car is a VW Beetle, for example, you will likely pay a premium rate for tinting because your car has steep, curved window that are harder to tint. Moreover, each additional square foot of window on your car will require additional car window film and consequently cost more to tint. An SUV, for example, will obviously cost more than a city car.

  • Type of tinting film

Different types of tinting film are available in the market with varying performance and cost differences. Choose your car tinting film carefully because, like with most things out there, you get what you pay for!

Tint shop reputation

Always consider reputable tint shops for car tinting service. This will ensure your car window tinting is done by real professionals. Real professionals take great pride in their work and have high standards when it comes to the film they use and overall customer service and experience.

The cost of doing business with a reputable tint shop may be high, but you ultimately get top quality results that you will be proud of and satisfied with for a long time.

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