Careers in Formula one - types of jobs

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Formula 1 offers some exciting and highly rewarding job opportunities. Read on for some helpful information on careers in Formula one.


Engineers are in high demand in Formula 1. The most sought after engineers include manufacturing engineers, simulator modelling engineers and electronics design engineers. Manufacturing engineers design, set up and monitor the manufacturing process. Simulator modelling engineers develop models and prepare data for the driver simulator. Electronics design engineers test and validate electrical components for vehicles.


As you would expect there are also a number of mechanic jobs in Formula 1.  Track side and race team mechanic are two of the main jobs in this area. These jobs require excellent communication skills and the ability to problem solve and work under pressure. Typical duties include building and repairing engines and electrical assemblies.


This includes technicians for engines, simulators, operations and research and development. Engine test technicians are involved in the development, commissioning and operation of test beds. Other duties include the installation and testing of production and development engines and the general maintenance of the test facilities. Simulator technicians are responsible for the analysis of simulator data, fault diagnosis and the maintenance and development of simulators.


Marketing careers in Formula 1 includes advertising, branding, market research, sponsorship, events and PR. Merchandising at Grand Prixs is also a major part of Formula 1 marketing. Marketing responsibilities includes developing strategies around markets, segments and audiences and managing merchandising and market development. Those wishing to have a successful career in marketing in Formula 1 need to be enterprising and have strong communication skills.

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