Cars are getting bigger

Most technology seems to get smaller, and smaller, until a simple sneeze puts your prized music player out of joint. With cars the opposite seems true – or it at least it does in the US, where buyers are asking for bigger cars with more interior space.

The reason? It’s not because drivers are getting greedy with personal space behind the wheel, but in fact stems from the amount of ‘over large’ folks on the roads.

‘The auto industry tends to give customers what they say they want,’ says Sage Marie, manager of Honda product planning, in a report published by USA Today. ‘But there is no overt policy. Cars are getting bigger, with more hip, elbow and shoulder room as time goes on, but that's not a function of overtly targeting the marketing requirements of extra-large people.’

The industry needs to ensure that larger drivers can be comfortable behind the wheel too, and as long as there’s demand it seems that the car industry will aim to meet it.

‘Maximizing interior volume is one of our mission statements, part of our DNA on all our vehicles,’ said Hyundai spokesperson Miles Johnson. ‘Comfort of your passengers is important. More room helps with visibility from the very beginning, regardless of peoples' size. Interior room is a feature anyone can appreciate.’

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