Cars are greener than ever

Cars, you may think, are the biggest emitters of CO2. Not so. Today, cars generate 14 percent of the UK's CO2 emissions, compared with 32 percent from electricity generating power stations, and 24 percent from industry according to data produced by an Energy Use and CO2 Emissions report by the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

While 14 percent is still a lot, it is less than it was in 2000, and that's with there being 4 million more cars on our roads.

'Despite what many green experts may say, Britain's drivers and the motoring industry are doing their bit to reduce carbon emissions,' said the IAM's director of policy and research, Neil Greig.

'Drivers are shifting to greener engines and have embraced incentives like cheaper vehicle excise duty for more fuel efficient models.

'Manufacturers should also take credit for producing models across the range that are cleaner and greener. But driving style is crucial - the best fuel-saver is a light right foot and anticipation of the road ahead,' he added.

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