SUVs and Cars Sold in Audi Dealerships

Germany's popular vehicle lines range from sporty Audi cars to family-friendly SUVs. 2012 Audi new cars and SUVs come with features that delight car enthusiasts.

A1 Line

Audi A1 compact cars start at £13,400. The small compact saves fuel with the automatic start/stop feature. When you stop at traffic lights, the engine shuts off until you press the clutch. This leads to a fuel savings of approximately 0.4 litres per 100 kilometres.

A3 Line

Audi A3 cars include the A3, A3 Cabriolet, A3 Sportback, S3, S3 Sportback and RS 3. When you find a spot, the car's parking system computer takes over steering as you control the accelerator and brake pedal. Prices begin at £16,600 for this line.

A4 Line

Audi A4 cars provide luxury for an affordable cost with a choice of saloon or station wagon. The Avant station wagon offers plenty of room for your family and friends. Some Avant models come with off-road capabilities. Prices for this line start at £22,000.

A5 Line

Choose from a range of Cabriolets, coupes and sportbacks. Prices begin at £43,000. The V8 engine delivers loads of power and let you select the drive setting from four options: auto, comfort, dynamic or individual.

A6 Line

Starting at £30,000, Audi A6 cars come in two models: saloon or Avant. The Avant station wagon has an off-road edition available. Handling is exceptional thanks to the lightweight frame and impressive acceleration that has you going 62 mph within six seconds.

A7 Sportback

The A7 Sportback is a flashy sedan featuring electronic stability sensors that do everything from brake during sharp turns to wipe down damp brake discs. The A7 starts at £40,000.

A8 Line

The A8 and A8L start at £56,000. These sleek saloons come with eight-speed transmissions, electric motors that close the doors and an air-suspension system.

Audi SUVs

Three Audi models provide a range of SUVs. The Q3, Q5 and Q7 blend Audi's quality with impressive features not found in many SUV models. Prices start at £24,500. The vehicles are designed for off-road driving and come with handy features like roof rack detection that senses when there is a load on the roof altering the centre of gravity and responds accordingly.

Sports Coupés

The Audi TT and RS TT cars comes in convertible or hard-top sports coupé versions. These sports car start at £27,000 and pack a powerful punch. The turbo-charged engine offers plenty of torque, even if you opt for the 2.0 litre diesel engine that reaches 62 mph in seven seconds whilst getting an impressive 50 mpg.

The R8 is a stylish sports car starting at £88,000. The V8 engine roars as you race down the street.

All above prices are based on August 2011 pricing and may change without notice. Research Audi cars online at Audi.co.uk. You can build your model and get instant pricing or look up current finance offers without leaving your house.

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