We take a look at one of our favourite cars - the BMW 7000 Series

Are you looking to take to the open road in the lap of luxury? If you are, and you have a little coin to spare, then we can't help but recommend you check out the super impressive cars BMW 7000 series. Simply put, it's the king of the road, and in this blog we'll be showing you why it's the car for you!

The BMW 7 Series is the perfect limousine for high powered executives in need of a car that screams luxury, but also remembers that cars should be fun to drive. The understated looks of the BMW ensure you won't attract too much attention as you race from busy meeting to the office and back. Inside it's simply one of the most stylish cars going too.

You'll get all the excellent features you'd expect from a top of the line BMW. You get Bluetooth connectivity, CD Player, Air conditioning, ABS Brakes, Driver and passenger airbags, and even optional DVD screens in the back of the headrests.

The two best performing itinerations are the 730d and the 740d, which both offer the same basic twin turbo 3.0 litre engine, but the 740d manages to squeeze out a little extra performance, making it the preferred choice for people looking for a bit of grunt to their cars.

If environmental concerns are more your bag, then check out the 730d model, as it offers the lowest Co2 emissions of any luxury car, returning combined fuel economy of around 40 mpg.

The BMW 7 Series is the perfect luxury car, and you'll be hard pressed to do better than it. It's available in price ranges from £50,000 to £100,000, so check it out today!

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