What to look out for when buying cars Corsa engine sale

If you're looking to pick up a cheap yet reliable second hand car, then have you considered picking up a Vauxhall Corsa? This delightful little runabout is available for bargain prices. In this blog we'll be presenting you our guide to buying a second hand cars Corsa engine sale including the things to look out for!

Winner of the "Car of the Year" gong in 2007, the Vauxhall Corsa ticks all the boxes. It's compact, dependable and pretty cheap to run. It also looks great, so what's not to love? The fourth generation Corsa feels like a big car, such are the features on show, yet it's very much punching above its weight!

It is slightly larger than the previous members of the Corsa family, meaning there's more head and legroom for larger occupants. This car can comfortably carry a family of four with ease. The boot is off a spacious size and comes with a clever underfloor storage system.

The dashboard is a joy to behold with all the features laid out in intuitive ways, and a CD Player as standard. All the controls are laid out in easy to remember positions, so you won't be left searching for something at a vital time!

The 1.4 litre model is the one we'll be recommending as it's both economical but also carries enough punch to handle motorway driving with relative ease. There is a 1.3 litre diesel option also available with 74bhp or 89bhp, but if you can get it, we highly recommend the 1.4.

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