Which car has the lowest cars emissions 100?

Are you looking for a car that is low on cars emissions 100 and high on value? There's one car out there right now, blazing a serious trail thanks to having zero emissions, and that car is the Nissan Leaf. In this blog we'll be taking a look at the car and what it can do for you, and the environment!

The Nissan Leaf is the world's first widely commercially available and fully electric car. Nissan claim it will run up to a whopping 200 kilometres on a single charge, which takes six hours through mains electricity. It's designed mainly for city driving, as the top speed is a pedestrian 90 miles per hour, however, this isn't really an issue on city streets.

The Leaf behaves just like any normal car. You'll find a regular sized boot, give seats, and the usual gizmos and electronics you've come to expect from a family car. It's whisper quiet, and to fill the battery with a single charge will cost you approximately £2. So it's easy to see the savings you can make quite easily in this car.

If the idea of the charging period is off-putting, the Leaf will also charge enough to do an 80 mile journey in around 30 minutes. So you'll never be too badly caught out waiting to get going. The Leaf currently costs £28,350 minus a £5,000 grant because of its green features. So check it out today, and save the world and your pocket!

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