Save money with low emission cars, ie. cars emissions 110

Looking to pick up a car with low cars emissions 110 and do your bit to save the Earth and you wallet? Well, if this sounds like something that's right up your alley, then check out what's on offer from the Toyota Prius, the revolutionary hybrid car that's been wowing drivers for ten years.

Since launching in 2001 the Toyota Prius has married a functioning electric engine to a regular patrol motor to help drivers achieve more fuel efficiency and also do their bit for the environment. Drivers of the Prius won't notice any drop in quality of their ride, so there's no compromise involved.

The car is quiet, and will draw on the electric motor when engaged in city driving. In fact, the Prius can do limited mileage on just the electric motor, which helpfully recharges off the car's kinetic energy when you are driving normally on petrol.

The latest, Mark III Prius has a new 1.8-litre engine, increasing power by 24 per cent to 134bhp. It is a car more designed to the rigours of city driving though, as it doesn't perform as well on motorways when it is tasked with overtaking other cars.

The Prius is roomy and elegent with plenty of room for five adults and plenty of luggage in the spacious 445 litre boot. There are even some generous tax breaks available to some customers, which will make the cost of the Prius all the more palatable. Check it out today and get ready to save on petrol!

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