Lets find the lowest cars emissions 120 possible

If helping to do your bit for the environment, then finding a car with cars emissions 120 is a brilliant way to help. It's also going to do a great service to your pocket, thanks to the reduced fuel costs you'll be enjoying. Perhaps the best "Low Emission" car out there right now is the Toyota Prius, so in this blog we'll be taking a look at why this car is right for you.

The Prius is a technological marvel, matching a compact and powerful battery with a conventional engine to help deliver an unrivalled driving experience. The Prius can amazingly run on electric power alone for up to 12.5 miles and at speeds up to 62mph with zero fuel consumption and emissions!

Once this battery power is used up, the car effortlessly switches over to conventional fuel and the journey continues. You won't even have to charge it, because every time you jam on the brakes, the negative energy you create refills the battery, so once it's full, you can essentially keep using the battery for free transport. Brilliant eh?

If you run the car in its standard "EV Mode" which combines fuel and battery power, the results are staggering. You'll achieve unbelievable fuel efficiency, getting 108.6 miles per gallon, and helping the environment thanks to the low, low emissions of 59g per kilometre.

So if you want to do your bit for the environment, and save a few pounds doing it, check out the Toyota Prius today!

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