cars engine - all you need to know for happy motoring!

Cars engine life is not set in a tangible figure. When you're buying a brand new car,you will most likely be driving away with a warranty that ensures you get at least three years relatively stress free motoring! A warranty ensures that if anything serious was to happen you can return the car to the dealer and get it repaired at no extra cost to you.

It is worth knowing that a warranty may not cover items damaged through your own fault or those that depreciate through general wear and tear. A used car is a different prospect in that it may not come with any warranty at all and you may have problems if something goes majorly wrong. Private sales are notoriously difficult when it comes to negotiating fair terms regarding engine faults.

If you don't bring a mechanic with you when checking out a used car then you really only have yourself to blame if a fault goes undetected. Many main dealers have mechanics that specialise in investigating cars for potential clients and, as they provide an impartial non biased service, you receive a very comprehensive report on the full condition of the car both inside and out.

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