Cars Insurance - consider your options

Besides ownership of your own car, your car insurance is the next most important thing for any responsible car owner to purchase, young or old!

Your car insurance gives you peace of mind that if your vehicle is broken into, in an accident, or worse, stolen, that you won't have to fork out and replace anything lost or stolen or broken in your car or if the car itself is a write off.

Comparison websites have sprung up over the last few years and they can be a very good starting point when you go to price car insurance. Its a very competitive market and there are some very good deals available especially for lady drivers.

Some insurance companies offer discounted insurance to younger drivers upon completion of their safety courses and, as this can reduce the cost of insurance quite considerably, its definitely one to enquire about.

There have traditionally been the 2 main types of insurance policy and they are the fully comprehensive option or the 3rd party fire and theft version. When pricing insurance it is sometimes surprising to see how little difference there is between the two and that the fully comprehensive option may now come with extras such as windscreen cover or breakdown assist as standard.

Direct Line companies offer a one-stop insurance service providing instant quotations and advice on what the policy contains without the need for a broker. However, if you decide that the broker option is more suitable to your needs, they can liaise between all the insurance companies simultaneously and advise you on the best available policy.

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