Cars Made by Jaguar

Jaguar got its start in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company.The company has produced dozens of models within the Jaguar line of automobilesover the years. Read The Jaguar Story for more on the history of the Jag. The2011 line of cars made by Jaguar include the XJ, the XK, the XF, and the R.

Jaguar XJ

The XJ by Jaguar is a sleek luxury car. This model comesstandard with blinds on a panoramic roof, a media hub that is compatible withvarious Bluetooth devices, a keyless starting system, leather seating, anavigational system, and a 6-speed auto transmission. The car comes with manyother amenities as well and offers the XJ Illumination Pack option.

Jaguar XK

The XK is more of a sport luxury model and comes with aplethora of standard features including sports seats, a DVD mappingnavigational system, Xenon headlights, Trac DSC stability control, and alloywheels. Options include larger alloys, pivoting headlights, a heated steeringwheel, and apremium sounds system, among other things. Buyers can choose seatcolors and walnut or aluminum veneer.

Jaguar XF

The XF is the most practical of the current Jag line ofcars. With the XF, the buyer has a choice of engine that include diesel orpetrol. The car come standard with interior mood lighting, electric seats, 17”alloys, and leather upper facias on the suedecloth seating. The XF line has alarge variety of options that include heated seats, a tire pressure monitoringsystem, an electric sunroof, a monitor for blind spots, and Bluetoothcapability.

Jaguar R-series

The R-series is a sports car at heart. The superchargedengine goes fast and far. R-series cars have all the bells and whistles such asrain sensing windshield wipers, heated and cooled leather memory seating, apremium Jaguar sound system, cornering lights, and almost any other amenity youcan think of. All of the cars made by Jaguar are a testament to quality,style, and supreme function. This British line of automobiles was made with luxury in mind.

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