Which cars lowest co2 emissions?

Saving the environment is becoming more and more of a concern for car companies and this is reflected in their pursuit of finding a cars lowest co2 emissions and trying to constantly strive for more environmentally friendly cars.

Well, one company has found the ultimate product for the Green consumer. That's right, Nissan have got there ahead of the pack and released their first all electric car, the European Car of the Year 2011, the Nissan Leaf. It really is a dream for people worried about the environment.

The Leaf is the first mass-produced electric car that will give performance comparable to a conventional vehicle. In fact, it will do 100 miles on a full charge. It's basically the perfect city car. Ask yourself, how often would you do more than 100 miles in a day? As it runs on electricity, it has zero emissions, and is whisper quiet to run.

Perhaps most importantly, the Nissan Leaf will be the cheapest car to run you'll ever own, and this is thanks to the fact you won't have to buy petrol. An overnight eight hour charge of the car from the mains will cost you in the region of £2. Compared to the comparable petrol cost of 100 miles, which comes out at around £10, and you can see the savings straight away!

There's an option to quick charge the car in 30 minutes to give you 80 miles of distance, however you'll likely be mostly charging from the mains as it's the most economical way of doing things.

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