Saab Cars with the Lowest Emissions and Best Safety Features

Saab joined the National Low Emission Vehicle program. This program was a nationwide agreement between automobile manufacturers with the goal of producing cars that were cleaner to the environment and gave out lower emissions. Although this was a voluntary agreement that started in 1999, it has lead to many innovations in low emission cars and hybrid vehicle designs.

Low Emission Standards

The Saab 9-3 is one of the vehicles in the Saab series that has proven to be one of the cars lowest emissions. The vehicle has a 150 horsepower engine. The fuel capacity is 1.9 litres. The car has been tested and has reduced carbon emissions by 7 percent. The Saab 9-3 gets 40 miles per gallon. One reason the manufacturer has been able to achieve this low emission standard is partly due to its diesel engine.

Electronic Safety Applications

The safety features of the Saab are geared primarily towards the prevention of collision. The major goal of its special car design is to minimise the impact of side crashes. The latest Saab model boasts of electronic stability control, 4-wheel ABS and a tire pressure monitor which lets you control the car even on icy and rough roads. The latest model is equipped with power steering which provides for a smooth and efficient ride. The car features a predictable behaviour mechanism which is connected to the chassis. It's advanced electronic systems enable better control of the car's axles and powerful braking systems. This ensures that you will have a lower risk to minimise damage from collisions.

Crash Testing

The crash result and rollover test of the Saab has proven to achieve a high safety percent when it comes to safety. The vehicle has been rated with the maximum protection rating in frontal impact on both the driver and passenger side. The latest Saab model conforms to the standard USA collision safety regulations. It's door locks are backed up with backing plates and together with the other features of the car which is connected to the housing and flanges on the wheels, ensures that the door can still be opened even after a collision.



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