Cars online - the choice is huge!

Cars online open up a world of possibilities.

Sites that sell cars have increased in popularity over the years and now there are plenty to choose from. Not only do all main dealers - including Toyota and Honda, for example - have websites detailing their various models, but there are also price comparison websites and sites that specialise in private sales.

Sites like Used Cars Online require basic information, such as the make/model/year, and then display all that's available matching your criteria. This site currently has over 30,000 cars for sale.

The Autotrader site has over 50,000 cars to choose from and the selection is of both new and used models. There is a "Dealers" tab that shows the main dealers in your area and links directly to their sites to see what's on offer.

The site Online Cars features used and new cars and links to other sites that you might find helpful, such as Carzone. These sites are free to use for buyers but a fee may apply to anyone wishing to use them for sale purposes.

Private sellers use sites like Done Deal as it only costs a few pounds to advertise with them. Remember that private sales can be risky and it is always advisable to bring a mechanic with you to view cars.

If you're in doubt about the history of a vehicle online, sites like Carzone feature services that track the registration number of the car and can provide you with information regarding finance and crash history for a flat fee. This fee depends on how comprehensive a report you request.

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