Cars for sale in Northampton

There are thousands of cars for sale in Northampton. One of the best dealerships to visit, when looking to buy a car in the Northampton area is happycarsales.co.uk. Here you will find an extensive collection of both new and previously owned cars on display. The company offers finance where required and free 7 day drive away insurance on all vehicles.

The site has a great feature when searching for cars. You can filter your car search by the make, model, price and mileage of the car.  This is a very useful tool to speed up your search, for the car that suits you and your budget.

On this site there is a, 05 Ford Galaxy 1.9 5dr, for sale for £5,790. The car has its MOT for another 12 months and there are 122,022 miles on the clock. It is silver in colour and it is an automatic with a turbo diesel zetec engine. It also comes equipped with a number of features including an air bag, electric windows, alloy wheels, central locking and adjustable seats.

If you are on a lower budget, you could be driving away in a 99 Volkswagen Lupo 1.4 3dr for £1,890. This car has its MOT for 12 months and has 71,230 on the clock. It is a manual car and is metallic blue in colour. It comes equipped with adjustable seats, an anti theft system as well as a cd player.

So if you are looking for cars in the Northampton area visit happycarsales.co.uk for your dream car.

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