Cars Sales - the time is now!

Cars sales have slowed down dramatically over the last few years and garages are pulling out all the stops to try and turn this around. While the government extended the 2010 scrappage scheme into 2011, the main dealers went one further and added their own bonus incentives too.

The scrappage scheme allows up to €3000 off a brand new car when trading an old car in against it. There are certain criteria than must be met, for example you have to have the old car registered in your own name for at least a year, but this scheme offers a good deal.

Opel took this offer to the next level and are offering an unprecedented €5000 off any of their range under their own version of the scrappage scheme. As Opel have an extensive selection, from the Corsa to the Vectra, logging onto their website could be a step in the right direction. You can order brochures and find your nearest dealership from there. These offers run until September 2011.

Nissan offer up to 4250 off their award winning range and the scrappage allows goes in a sliding scale based on the price of the new car being bought. Other incentives such as a years road tax, extended warranties, additional services and even certain extras as standard are also being added to new car packages so it certainly pays to shop around!

Price comparison websites are a good place to start hunting for the best offer and remember, there is always room for negotiation!

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