Where to find Caterpillar auctions in the UK

If you are wondering where to find Caterpillar auctions, there are several places on the net which are credible sources for auctions of heavy machineries, excavators and compactors. Whether you’re intending to buy a bulldozer for your business or a crawler for personal use, you’ll find these auctions useful primarily for the price deals you’ll get.

Where to go

  • Cat Auctions (catauctions.com)

You get the chance to see and purchase used Caterpillar equipment in Europe which are certified and guaranteed according to Cat norms and standards. From crawlers and mini-excavators to wheel and multi-terrain loaders, there is an adequate choice in their inventory. The buyer can purchase used Caterpillar online or through site inspections.

  • Mascus UK (mascus.co.uk)

Mascus is a marketplace for heavy machineries used in agriculture, forestry and construction. There is also a spare parts section. Ongoing auctions all over the world are displayed on the search results, but you can use the filter to your current location.

  • Auction Time (auctiontime.co.uk)

Auction Time lets you find ongoing Caterpillar auctions all over the world. The simple interface and search toolbar on the site let potential buyers put bids for excavators and other heavy equipment. Basic info about the machines as well as opening bids and photos are shown on the site. There is also a provision for movement of equipment once the auction is over allowing you to receive the goods anywhere in Europe. Use the filter to narrow your search results. The advantage of this site is you can check for machines all over Europe without a hassle.

  • Euro Auctions (euroauctions.com)

They have 14 years of trading experience in the auction business of heavy and industrial machineries and equipment. They trade all brands of machineries in 22 auctions held annually. The head office is based in Tymore, Northern Ireland, but they have sites in Leeds (UK), Dormagen (Germany), Valencia (Spain), and Brisbane (Australia). You have the possibility therefore of bidding for machineries on mainland Europe. Euro Actions also deal in off-site auctions when cessation of business occurs. Hence, there are immense opportunities to get Caterpillar machineries since they handle many auctions and brands in a year. The buyer has several options: purchase on-site at auctions, submit a bid online or even place an absentee bid.

Other sources

Marketbook (marketbook.co.uk) works the same way as Auction Time, although most Caterpillar auctions are for machineries located in mainland Europe. Insolvent construction companies are also great sources for finding used Caterpillar products at cheaper prices. Check auction announcements on newspapers, online or offline. Keep your ears open for construction machinery companies which hold annual auctions to get rid of retirement lots. There are also impounded caterpillars confiscated by banks and even the government.

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