Charlie Sheen vs. Silvio Berlusconi

Charlie Sheen and Silvio Berlusconi have more in common than you would think. While good time Charlie Sheen lavished $800,000 on cars for his porn star associates, it’s been reported that Berlusconi spent $380,000 on vehicles used as gifts for some of the prostitutes and showgirls involved in the Bunga Bunga scandal.

The Calgary Herald reports that Berlusconi gifted 13 vehicles in total, including 5 Minis, 4 smarts, a Land Rover and a Volksvagen Beetle. Some of the vehicles were passed on to the showgirls and escorts involved in his trial for having paid to have sex with a 17-year-old girl.

Berlusconi has condemned the trial, while the girls involved have denied being paid for sex.

’It’s shameful really, ‘ he has been quoted as saying by cncnews. ‘It’s shameful and disgusting. I wonder who is going to pay for these activities that, in my humble view, have a subversive aim.’

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