Cheap Car Alarms Can Provide Limited Security

Depending on where you live in and how much your car is worth, cheap car alarms may be enough to suit your security needs. Unfortunately, if you travel in areas with high crime rates and don’t want to be a victim of local thieves, better lay out some cash and choose better car security systems over a cheap car alarm.

Cheap car alarms generally give one a sense of security in knowing that no one will steal your car without you knowing it. Cheap car alarms will scare off a potential thief, but a determined car-jacker will still make off with your vehicle—particularly those armed with tow trucks that can easily hook up your car and drive away with it, despite any system you may have installed.

Cheap car alarms will honk the horn or activate a siren when a door is opened, with the cheapest of the cheap having only one sensor on the driver’s door. Thieves who smash the glass window and climb in will not activate these alarms.

The main purpose of cheap car alarms is to scare off thieves once the horn starts blowing, as well as draw attention to the noise for police or security guards. When confronted by a blasting siren, most car thieves would run away so that is the best deal you get for a cheap car alarm.

Today’s car security technology has all but minimized the use of cheap car alarms, but some people still use them as a low-cost but effective deterrent against amateurs and inexperienced car thieves.

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